Our Practice


At Harne Law, we are dedicated to understanding your goals as a client, and helping you achieve those goals. We have the knowledge and experience to interpret the challenges and nuances of our clients' situations, and apply the law in a way that maximizes outcomes while minimizing risks.

Whether you are involved in litigation or starting a new business, the legal system can be overwhelming. We will help you navigate the process with your goals and concerns at the forefront of our game plan.

Sometimes you need someone on your side to fight for what's right. Other times you need someone on your side to protect you in a difficult time. You may just need advice to make sure you are engaging in a well-informed consideration of the risks. Through consideration of your specific needs and objectives, we can explain how the law can help you in your given situation, or what legal challenges you may face.

We want our clients to succeed, and we understand that success requires attention to detail and protection from unnecessary risks. It means employing the right strategy at the right time, and coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems. 

At Harne Law, we have the knowledge, experience and strategic instincts to get the best result possible for you -- we are on your side.